7 Things Every Seller Must Do to Sell Their Home in the East Bay

There is a lot of competition in the East Bay housing market and Real Estate agents everywhere who want to "help" you sell your home. You get postcards, letters, emails, phone calls, Instagram ads in your feed, and possibly even an awkward conversation in the grocery store. All of these point of contacts have the same goal, to get you to sell your home with them. But what things should your Realtor know and already be doing with current clients to get the home the most int

How to Get Rid of Ants

You wake up and you head to the kitchen to get your morning coffee. You don't notice at first but as you get your coffee cup, get your cream from the fridge, and turn around to put them on the counter top you see them everywhere. They are in the sink, they are on the counter top, they are down the baseboard, they are everywhere. You got ants, they have moved in. You spent months and months in the process of finding and ultimately buying a house to move into and these litt